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A small selection of client comments and recommendations.

Lorraine is a very unique therapist. Her wisdom and patience shines through everything she does. I felt safe and it was easy for me to open up; I was able to talk about some of the most painful experiences that I would not feel comfortable to talk about with anybody else. Lorraine’s approach is very gentle and caring yet so professional. She is genuine and intuitive…it felt like she knew what was right for me. It was so relaxing and calming that working on traumatic issues didn’t seem difficult. The therapy has been beneficial in so many different ways; I feel a lot stronger within myself and will definitely keep coming back. Thank you Lorraine.


Lorraine’s coaching helped improve my confidence at work immensely. I had an underlying sense of always expecting to ‘be found out’ but by guiding and encouraging me to regularly focus on my achievements, Lorraine helped me to start to see that I do know what I’m doing. She also gave me common sense strategies for moving forward during a personally difficult time. I would definitely recommend her.


I had some therapy sessions with Lorraine to help me with my feelings of anxiety. I often felt anxious about saying no or getting my point across when put under pressure by others, both personally and professionally. Lorraine taught me some visualisation techniques and methods of remaining calm which I have found very useful, especially when I know I am facing a potentially difficult situation. I have used these techniques before meetings and in personal situations where I have had to manage the competing demands of family and friends. They have helped me to respond and react more effectively with better results. Lorraine is a comforting person to be around and I instantly felt at ease with her. I also found the discussion both before and after the hypnotherapy helped me to understand what I was feeling. Lorraine listens to your comments about the techniques used in the session and takes into account what works best for you as the client. As a general comment I found the session to be very relaxing – like a mental massage and left feeling relaxed and in a positive frame of mind.


Lorraine established a good rapport with me instantly and was empathic in her understanding of me. I couldn’t wait to get going with the sessions as she has an empowering and truly kind way, which leaves me positive, at ease and gives me clarity, understanding and acceptance of myself. Lorraine is so confidently accomplished and this shines through as she directs the sessions which really helps me to focus on key areas. I feel at ease in her company and look forward to the sessions.


Thank you for all your support during our therapy sessions. You are one of the few people who have helped me to get through a horrible period in my life and thank you for your empathy, impartiality, engagement and faith in me. When I first met you I felt empty and was so down. I feel that I have walked miles since my first visit. Thank you helping me to get back to a happier place. You taught me the skills to deal with any issues and I will always be grateful for that. Simple techniques have helped me make enormous changes in my world.


Lorraine’s approach is warm and reassuring – she immediately made me feel at ease and helped me to explore some work related issues from years ago that at the time I didn’t realise were still having an impact on my life – I trusted Lorraine to help me and her sessions have made a positive impact on my life – I will definitely go back again and would highly recommend her as a therapist.


My sessions with Lorraine have enabled me to focus on a particular area of my life that needed attention but where I was lacking in confidence and wasn’t quite sure where to start. She enabled me to take some positive steps towards my career goal. I felt supported by Lorraine; she has good empathy and listening skill. Working with her has made me more focussed and has helped me to turn thoughts into positive actions.


I have found working with Lorraine to be a very positive experience during which I have set and achieved several objectives I would have otherwise have put off. Lorraine is very supportive and encouraging, she takes the time to really listen and has helped me to clarify what I need to do and then supported and encouraged me to do it. I also found the structure Lorraine brought to the sessions very helpful – made me more focussed, structured and realistic. I felt more empowered and determined after the sessions to take action to get me closer to what I wanted to achieve.


Lorraine’s therapy sessions enabled me to find the mental space to discover what it is I really want to do. With careful, skilled guidance I was able to understand my true desire to start writing again, something I had been putting off for years and had almost forgotten in the day to day demands of everyday life. She helped me to re connect with my ambition and the sessions with her gave me more self-belief and enabled me to give myself the permission to carry it through. I was ignoring a part of myself that was important to me but thinking that it didn’t matter. The sessions with Lorraine have really enriched my life.


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