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Supporting women through life’s ups and downs

Welcome to Find Your Way Therapy

Welcome to Find Your Way Therapy, a counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy practice based in South Manchester, seeing in person clients in Sale and also providing online sessions. A therapy service providing support for women.

Life can be difficult for everyone at times but women in particular often attempt to keep too many plates spinning at once; trying to fulfil too many roles and often feeling guilty about taking time out for themselves. The resultant stress and anxiety can make coping more difficult, especially when the roller coaster of life takes a dip. We may end up wondering, where am I in all this?……. and when will I get my life back together?

Sometimes, when life gets us down, we may get angry, frustrated, fearful even. We can feel frozen with indecision and not know which way to turn. Our thoughts can become so mixed up that we need some short term help to unravel them – in order to find our way again. Even when we know what direction we want our life to go it can be difficult to even take the first step.

Change and loss

Change and loss are inevitable, they are part of life and something we all face at some stage; whether it be redundancy, retirement, bereavement (people and pets), divorce, end of a relationship, leaving home, moving house, the menopause, the empty nest, or in some cases the sense of loss at not being able to have children. Even what we usually regard as positive change can be unsettling and bring its own challenges – a new job, new home, a new relationship, having a child whether a birth child or adopted.

Sometimes we need a little extra support to help us through those changes and the difficult feelings they might give rise to. Seeing a counsellor means giving yourself some space to talk about what might be bothering you; having the time to discuss worries, concerns, thoughts and fears that you may not want to talk to family or friends about. Disruptions in your life can trigger hurtful and confusing memories or feelings from the past; some support and encouragement to work though these feelings can help people to move forward.

A few sessions can make a big difference

Bottling things up or ignoring things usually makes it worse. There are times when willpower alone won’t work, or the ‘pull yourself together’ self-talk we all do from time to time. That’s because we need a fresh approach or a different way of looking at things.  A few sessions to talk things through can make a big difference.  A bit of extra support, a listening ear, empathy and understanding to help us work things out, to refocus and help us get through a difficult time. Having someone to walk alongside for a while on a journey of self discovery can help you to think more clearly and to reclaim your life.

More positive thinking

I work with my clients to achieve a more positive way of thinking, greater self-belief and more clarity about the direction they want to take in life and to work out with them what they want to accomplish for themselves. Using a blend of counselling approaches (including CBT if appropriate), coaching and hypnotherapy I have helped people with confidence building, career development, getting back to work and interview preparation. Also, with a range of issues including coping with stress, relieving anxiety, low self-esteem, low mood/depression, unwanted habits, fears, phobias and panic, over eating and stopping smoking. I always aim to help my clients to gain a better understanding of themselves and teach them coping skills they can use in their everyday lives. I also run workshops on relaxation and confidence building techniques.

For free informal and confidential chat about how I might be able to help you and to arrange an initial therapy session please call 07526 985556. Or, if you’d prefer to email me first at

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